What We Do

Do you hate having garage sales? Do you dread posting things on online selling sites? Do you donate your items to avoid the hassle? Or are you looking for quick cash? Well you are in luck! Miranda’s Thrift Shop is your alternative to having a garage sale, selling items online, or donating your items.

Let us help you avoid having a garage sale. Prevent strangers from ringing your doorbell and waking you up at 6am when it’s clearly stated that you will open at 8am. Avoid strange people crowding your space. Get out of having to bring all your stuff out and then take everything that didn’t sell back in. Escape having to negotiate on price with every person. Let us save you your weekend! It’s a hassle to be outside in the punishing weather when you can be enjoying your weekend with your family instead.

Avoid meeting up with strangers and putting yourself into unsafe situations just to make an item transaction. Avoid people changing their mind at the last minute and wasting your time by not showing up. Keep away from donating your items and not getting anything in return. We will pay you cash on the spot!

Miranda’s Thrift Shop does not pay premium prices, but we do offer a service and our service is the easiest, safest, and stress free solution. Our customers are able to bring items into our stores either during our business hours or by making an appointment. If customers have furniture items or a cluttered garage, house, or room then Miranda’s Thrift Shop can go out to our customer’s location.

Check out our “What we buy” page for details on items we look for

We also participate in various efforts and activities to benefit our local communities.

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